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A little history of Rosay castle

The vouivre (Legendes Valaisannes, 1919) | Internet Archive Book Images / Public domain
Castle Legend Treasure Rosay castle

During the French Revolution, the castle was completely destroyed. Between 1980 and 1995, his owner, Mr. Marcel Duthion, restored it from bottom to top!

He was born in 1923 in Saône-et-Loire, he was a cabinet maker. He re-erected Rosay’s walls, stone by stone. Parquets, panelling, furniture, he remade them too!

But wait a minute, let’s get back in time... Raised in the 12th century on the foundation of an old Roman stronghold, the castle was called Rosellum, because of the pink (rose in French) stone they used to extract here.

Rosay fell to several families... always by marriage: the Rosay, the de Varax, the de Bernauld, the de Chissey. Well, until 1793... When the French Revolution came, the estate belonged to the Romanet family.

Revolutionaries' horde plundered the castle! So the family decided to leave everything and emigrated!

The legend says they hid a treasury in Rosay, kept by a vouivre, a legendary big snake...

Besides, the big keep (20 metres high) is the only vestige of the primitive castle: here, they called it tour de la Vouivre, "Vouivre’s tower": they said it had its nest here!

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