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A little history of Rouen Court of Justice

The façade | Parsifall / CC-BY-SA
Courthouse Rouen court of Justice

From the end of the Middle-Ages to 1790, did you know the parliament of Normandy gathered here, in this gorgeous house?

The palace was raised on the location of the old Clos-aux-Juifs district, a kind of Jews' ghetto seized by Philip the Fair in 1306 and bought 300 livres by city of Rouen in order to transform the place into a market place.

In 1493, the city council decided to raise a building on this market, where viscount of Rouen and bailiff dispensed justice.

King of France Louis XII launched the building work with architect Roger Ango. But it was too small, so the king ordered the construction of the Royal palace, the heart of the current building.

Look! We can see statues on the façade, representing every medieval social classes: monks, lords, peasants... those figures were made within 20 years!

In the reign of Louis XIV, they raised a wing in 1696, completed in 1702 then replaced by a new wing in 1843.

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