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A little history of Saint-André abbey in Meymac

General view | Kärjens Slædebjørg / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Meymac abbey

The abbey was founded in 1085 by viscount de Comborn, Archambaud III. A very cruel man!

In the past, this chap used to run his sword through monks, in Tulle cloister! In order to expiate his crimes, he decided to raise an abbey.

The new priory became very prosperous and a little city extended near it. The abbot raised the small monastery to an abbey in the 13th century: voilà!

The city extended, extended, and surrounding wall was raised: Meymac became the most important city in the area! But the church became too small, they rebuilt it. The English plundered it in the 14th century, the plague arrived in the city...

Inside, don’t miss the amazing Black Virgin (12th century) with baby Jesus on her knees.

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