A little history of Saint-Antonin cathedral in Pamiers

The cathedralThe cathedral | ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA

City of Pamiers was founded next to the castle raised by count of Foix Roger when he came back from Crusades. In the beginning of the 12th century, a church Sainte-Marie-du-Marcadal was raised. The Marcadal means "the market", it was the name of the parvis where our church stands.

Well, nothing remains from that primitive church! Just a piece of portal... The population and believers increased more and more, so they raised a bigger church in the 14th century (only remains the bell-tower!).

But wars of Religion came: Protestants besieged the city and plundered churches in the city... our cathedral too!

The bell-tower was preserved: it became a kind of keep, where inhabitants took shelter in case of war. One century later, the church was rebuilt. And they had financial problems!

So they decided to collect a special tax, for the building site, in 1657. Finally, the construction began!

You know what? Famous architect François Mansart raised the brand new cathedral... Well, why not? Some historians found Mansart’s fine touch in this sober church, with its single nave!