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A little history of Saint-Barnard church in Romans-sur-Isère

The church | Fifistorien / CC-BY-SA
Collegiate church Saint-Barnard church in Romans-sur-Isère

In Romans, a monastery was founded by saint Barnard, archbishop of Vienna. When this one died in 842, the church was dedicated to him.

Destroyed by Normans, the building was re-erected in the 10th century and the collegiate newly completed attracted people in Romans.

Yes, but... the church was razed in 1133 with the city and entirely rebuilt. In the middle of the 13th century, Jean de Bernin, archbishop of Vienne, rebuilt the choir and the transept.

Wars of religion damaged our poor building in 1562: baron des Adrets troops plundered it! A second assault 5 years later completely ruined the collegiate: they only restored it in 1718!

The vault was restored in 1841, frameworks and roofs in 1895. In 1857, they destroyed the cloister.

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