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A little history of Saint-Brisson castle

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Saint-Brisson castle
We are now on the borders of Berry and Loiret, near Gien. From the road, I can see the massive silhouette of a castle located on a headland overlooking an old arm of river Loire. It's a very old fortress, which belonged to Courtenay family in the 14th century, Juvenal des Ursins family in the 15th century, Séguier at the end of the 16th century... But the lord of Saint-Brisson was the most formidable! He was protected, behind his castle high walls; but he spent the best part of his time robbing people, merchants and travelers. In order to punish his insolence, king of France Louis the Fat went with his army to Saint-Brisson castle in order to demolish it. So there! Then the robber lord was taken prisoner... The castle was rebuilt in the 17th and the 19th century, but it kept a 12th century's plan: at that time, it was a regular hexagon made of buildings flanked by 6 round or square towers. Now I take a small path and... surprise! I come across medieval war machines! I expect knights, horses... oops, I get carried away! In fact, those are catapults replicas.

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