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A little history of Saint-Bruno-des-Chartreux in Lyon

The church | Phinou / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Saint-Bruno-des-Chartreux church in Lyon

It's the only Baroque church in Lyon. Here, king of France Henri III founded a monastery in 1584, when he came in Lyon, because Carthusian monks from the Grande-Chartreuse (Grenoble) asked him.

The church was raised in 1590 based on plans by architect Jean Magnan.

But the building works stopped many times and was finally abandoned in 1653. Ferdinand-Sigismond Delamonce continued them in 1733 and the church was finished 5 years later.

The architect was inspired by the church of St-Louis-des-Invalides in Paris... The façade was completed by Louis Sainte-Marie-Perrin, in 1872.

In 1801, the church was called St-Bruno, the monk who founded the Carthusian order!

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