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A little history of Saint-Cannat church in Marseille

The façade | Robert Valette / CC-BY-SA
Parish church Saint-Cannat church in Marseille

The old church dates back to 1524: the first stone was laid down by Anne de Montmorency and Christophe de Lubiano, King’s galleys captain.

In 1528, bishop of Gironne, Guillaume de Boib and bishop of Marseille Innocent Cibo dedicated the church to the Annonciation de la Très Sainte Vierge ("Annunciation of the Holy Virgin Mary").

The current church dates back to 1619, raised by Dominican brother in order to replace their old chapel who was ruined, located near the old porte de Rome: the façade dates back to 1739. Architect Joseph-Ignace Gérard made it.

It has 2 orders: Doric and Ionic. At the end of the stony balustrade, we see two statues: popes Pius V (16th c) and Benedict XI (14th c)!

Well, now, let's visit the church: here’s the nice altar made by sculptor Fossati in 1755, with its canopy flanked by angels. Here, we have two paintings by Michel Serre (1658-1700), a Baroque painter from Terragona, Spain: Virgin Mary and her child and the Virgin Purification. Don’t miss the painting by Pierre Parrocel, from Avignon: Jesus' baptism.

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