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A little history of Saint-Caprais cathedral in Agen

The cathedral | KoS / Public domain
Cathedral Saint-Caprais cathedral in Agen

The primitive collegiate church was built thanks to bishop of Agen saint Dulcide, who raised it on saint Caprais' tomb. Razed to the ground by Normans in 853, the church was put up again in the beginning of 12th century: this one was bigger. Choir, chapels, transept and cross bars date back from that time.

But the crusades against Albigeois ("Cathars") turned up, at the beginning of 13th century. Crusaders besieged Agen and the church too. Transept's dome was destroyed. The nave was built in the 14th century before famines, wars and fires caused disturbances.

Our poor church suffered! It went to ruin, and the nave collapsed. It was rebuilt in 1508. In 1561, Protestants devastated the church: they burnt organs, statues, relics... During the French Revolution, bells and furniture disappeared.

Then our collegiate church was transformed into a fodder store in 1794. Two years later, it was raised to a cathedral.

At that time, the state of Saint-Caprais was disastrous! A new bell tower was raised in 1840, then a complete restoration was made by the city architect, Bourières.

Did you notice choir's gorgeous paintings? Well, mylord de Levezou de Vezins, bishop of Agen, asked artist Bézard to create them in 19th century.

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