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A little history of Saint-Esprit chapel in Rue

The façade | Mattana / CC-BY-SA
Chapel Relic Saint-Esprit chapel in Rue

They raised the chapel on the foundation of the old Saint-Wulphy church, in order to put mysterious relics...

In August 1100, an inhabitant from Rue found a painting of Jesus Christ in a bark stranded on the beach (at that time, the sea came to Rue!) The relic (destroyed during the Revolution) attracted pilgrims.

That was why they raised the chapelle du St-Esprit ("chapel of the Holy-Spirit"), in the 14th century!

Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good and his wife Isabeau of Portugal, but especially king Louis XI gave money generously: in 1480, this one gave 4 000 golden crowns for the maintenance!

In order to commemorate the king’s gift, they gave a daily mass: the King’s mass!

But what about the chapel, a real Gothic gem? It has 3 parts: the Treasury (1506), the porch ant the chapel itself (14th century). On the façade, we see statues of king Louis XI, Philip the Good and his wife, of course, but also pope Innocent VII...

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