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A little history of Saint-Etienne cathedral in Limoges

The cathedral | Alex Hudghton / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Saint-Etienne cathedral in Limoges

The former church was dedicated to saint Etienne, raised on the foundation on an older pagan building.

Many times devastated between the 5th and the 9th centuries, especially by Normans, a Roman church was rebuilt in 1013 under the aegis of bishop Audoin.

Hard luck, viscount of Limoges, Adhémar, ransacked and pillaged the city, destroying half of the new building. A quick restoration began, then the consecration in 1095.

Works of the new Gothic church spread out on 6 centuries! The chapter's dean, Hélie de Malemort, laid the first stone down.

Plans were designed by the main contractor Jean Deschamps, from Northern France. In 1327, they completed the apse and the choir. The second building works began in 1344, when the nave was raised.

A third campaign finished in 1530 with the erection of Saint-Jean portal. Restoration site began in 1847 with the extension of the nave.

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