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A little history of Saint-Etienne church in Eymoutiers

The church | Patrick Nouhailler / CC-BY-SA
Collegiate church Saint-Etienne church in Eymoutiers

Come on, let’s go! Eymoutiers was raised on the tomb of a hermit from Ireland, Psalmet, in the 10th century. They called it Moutier d’Ahent... Eymoutiers!

When Psalmet died, they put his relics in the church... and, surprise! Miracles happened on those relics! Pilgrims started to come in a body.

They came to pray Psalmet because he cured... stomach pains!

During the visit, don’t miss the beautiful stained-glass windows (15th century): they are the nicest one in Limousin! We also can see a nice reliquary cross (13th century)... the same as in the church of Dorat! Maybe made by the same artist?

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