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A little history of Saint-Eustache church in Paris

The church | Benh LIEU SONG / CC-BY
Parish church Saint-Eustache church in Paris

In the beginning of the 13th century, we found here a small chapel dedicated to Saint Agnes, near the medieval wall raised by king Philip Augustus.

In 1434, they dedicated it to Saint-Eustache and they rebuilt it: they laid down the first stone on August 1532 and architect Pierre Le Mercier began the 4 northern chapels.

The southern façade in 1540, the nave in 1580. In 1635, the vaults of the nave was raised and finally everything was completed on April 1637.

With its 88 metres long, 43 metres large, 33 metres high, Saint-Eustache is the higher nave in Paris! During the Revolution, the church became a temple dedicated to agriculture. From 1840, after a fire, Baltard rebuilt it.

You know what? Cardinal Richelieu and Molières' baptism took place here! And on December 30th 1721, a child called Jeanne Poisson was also christened here... Jeanne, future madame de Pompadour, Louis XV's mitress! Mozart came here for his mother's funeral, in July 1778...

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