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A little history of Saint-Gaultier church

General view | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Saint-Gaultier church

A monastery on the river Creuse’s banks

Whoa, what a big, big church for such a small city!

Well, this pretty important church was part of a monastery, founded by abbey of Lesterps (Charente, Western France) in 1100.

The abbot church and the priory, transformed into a school, are still standing.

The church of St-Gaultier

The Romanesque church dates back to the first part of the 12th c., completely altered in the 19th century.

We can find several influences, from Limousin and Poitou (neighbouring areas)!

Let’s have a look on the Romanesque portal.

We can see geometrical decorative elements typical of the area, known as billettes, but also interlacing (so Celtic!), like in the church of Saint-Marcel!

Ah, don’t forget the chevet with its puffy shapes: we can see modillions and capitals with scenes based on... the Roman de Renart, a very famous medieval novel!

We have here the donkey playing the lyre in front of a hurdy-gurdy man!

The stroll

You can make a nice walk near the church, on river Creuse banks.

And if you cross the bridge (towards St-Benoît-du-Sault), you’ll get a nice view on the church reflecting its big silhouette in the quiet water... well, let’s take a picture, everybody!

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