A little history of Saint-Georges gate in Nancy

The gateThe gate | ©Fab5669 / CC-BY-SA

Raised in 1606, the gate was primitively named porte des Moulins ("Windmill gate"), until they raised here the equestrian statue of saint George.

Apart from George, we can see allegoric statues by Jean Richier.

On the façade, Lorraine coat of arms used to be on the attic, but hammered in 1792. We also can see two bearded men: their bodies had an acanthus leaf shape.

Two winged sphinx and allegoric characters: a man carrying a horn of plenty and a woman holding a caduceus. Maybe Science and Trade allegories?

On the pedestal, two statues of saint Georges riding a horse and fighting against the dragon.

This sculpture was made by Florent Drouin, an artist who designed cardinal de Vaudémont’s grave in Cordeliers church of Nancy!