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A little history of Saint-Germer-de-Fly abbey

The church | François GOGLINS / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Saint-Germer-de-Fly abbey

The abbey was founded in the 7th century by saint Germer, lord of Wardes.

A rich man, who decided to withdraw from king Clotaire's court. He started the construction of a monastery and Benedictine monks joined him.

After a first reconstruction in the 9th century, the Normans invaded the city and destroyed the abbey.

This one was rebuilt in 1036 by bishop of Beauvais, Drogon.

Then, Pierre-Guillaume de Vessencourt put up the Sainte-Chapelle in 1259 (which owns its name from the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, because it was as like as two peas).

Duke of Burgundy besieged the abbey then abbot Jean de Silly restored it in the 14th century. But Saint-Germer started to decline...

In 1644, they tried to found a school for poor people, in the church, in vain...

The monastery was sold during the Revolution and demolished, except the Gothic church (12th century) and the chapel.

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