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A little history of Saint-Julien basilica in Brioude

The chevet | Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA
Basilica Saint-Julien basilica in Brioude

This is the largest Romanesque church in Auvergne! The basilica was raised in the 11th century, founded on the location of a former oratory dedicated to saint Julien.

Julien died in Brioude in the 4th century: on his grave, a spring spurted out! This is the place where they raised the oratory... which became an important place of pilgrimage.

The church was damaged by the Burgudians, then by the Saracens. The old building was rebuilt and a canons chapter settled in the 9th century.

Extended in the 11th century with the construction of the nave, it was restored in the 13th century (building work was mentioned in a 1259 bull written by pope Alexander IV).

25 knights used to defend the church, pilgrims and relics, because there were robbers and bandits in the area.

Inside the basilica, don't miss the paving made of colourful pebbles, 13th century frescos, modern stained-glass window completed by Korean Dominican Father, Kim En-Joong...

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