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A little history of Saint-Lizier cathedral

The chevet | / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Saint-Lizier cathedral

Consecrated in the 12th century by Jourdain I, Saint-Lizier suffered, all through its history! In 1120, count of Comminges Bernard I besieged the city, plundering and burning it.

Count Bernard IV, in 1180, plundered it, again! Everything comes in threes, indeed: in the beginning of the 13th century, the Cathar Vital de Montaigut ransacked and pillaged the city. The legend says however, he signed a treaty of peace right here, in the cathedral's cloister...

So they began the reconstruction of the nave and the transept. The current cathedral was raised in the beginning of the 12th century: from that time date back the apse and the transept. In the 13th century, they vaulted the choir, in the 14th century they built the main bell-tower.

One century later nave's walls were rebuilt and so was the lateral portal. You'll see a nice cloister with 2 floors, the same as Thoronet abbey.

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