A little history of Saint-Pierre church in Le Dorat

Chevet and Northern sideChevet and Northern side | ©GO69 / CC-BY-SA

Clovis founded the primitive church in 507. Then, the Romanesque church was many times destroyed and re-raised. The current church was rebuilt in the 11th century. After a fire in 1080, they rebuilt it in the 12th century in order to translate saints Israel and Théobald's relics.

In the middle of the 15th century, abbot Guillaume L’Hermite raised a covered way and a surrounding wall destroyed in the 19th century.

Our church is made of granite, 77 metres long and 40 metres large. Here, look at the big spire (13th century), 1,66 metres high!

Inside, a treasure: a baptismal pond (9th century) with big lions heads, but also a nice reliquary cross (13th century).

Don’t miss Israel and Théobald's relics! We can see here their tombs. They were born in Limousin in the 10th century and raised in the monastery.

Every 7 years, the Ostensions from Dorat take place. A religious festival where people take around relics in the streets... a festival which dates back to the 15th century: people did this in order to protect themselves against epidemics and wars.