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A little history of Saint-Sacerdos cathedral in Sarlat

The cathedral | Manfred Heyde / CC-BY-SA
Cathedral Saint-Sacerdos cathedral in Sarlat

The first monastery was founded by king Pépin the Short. Then Charlemagne brought saint Sardos' relics, 30th bishop of Limoges. The monastery became prosperous and famous.

In 1317, pope John XXII raised Sarlat to a bishopric and the church became a cathedral! At that time, it was only a little Romanesque church: a reconstruction happened on the 16th century, decided by bishop Armand de Genteuil.

They destroyed the building in July 1504 and architect Pierre Esclanche laid the first stone down in February 1505. But troubles began! Financial problems, wars, epidemics...

The cathedral was only completed in 1682!

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