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A little history of Saint-Thégonnec calvary

General view | Steffen Heilfort / CC-BY-SA
Calvary Saint-Thégonnec calvary

The legend says saint Thégonnec raised the church, helped by a wolf harness to a cart full of stones... For that matter, we can see this scene carved in the calvary!

Here, we have the huge entrance from 1587. The calvary dates back to 1610: look, we can see little contorted faces... one of them is probably king Henri IV’s caricature!

The ossuary was raised in 1680 by Jean Bescont. A huge ossuary! Because before 1719 and the law voted by Brittany Parliament, they used to bury corpses under the church itself.

For want of place, tombs were emptied out every 30 years and remains put in the ossuary.

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