A little history of Saint-Trophime church in Arles

The churchThe church | ©Sébastien HOSY / CC-BY-SA

Who was Trophime? A disciple of saint Paul who evangelized city of Arles. So the church was dedicated to him, in 1152!

It was re-raised between 1421 and 1450 by cardinal Alleman. Rebuilt, because Saint-Trophime was very old, dedicated first to saint Etienne, destroyed by the Saracens' invasions in the beginning of the 8th century.

They restored the transept at the end of the 10th century and altered the nave from 1140 to 1152.

The crypt dates back to that time, the apse and apsidioles were destroyed in the 15th century in order to rebuild a new choir with radiating chapels.

Now, let's go outside. Look at those beautiful sculptures, on the façade: they date back to the 12th century!

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