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A little history of Saint-Vincent church in Culan

The church seen from Culan castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Saint-Vincent church in Culan

The church was a dependency of famous Déols abbey.

At that time, it was a tiny chapel, dedicated to the Virgin: lords of the neighbouring castle of Culan used it for the Mass.

Besides, famous French admiral de Culan founded a chapter of 6 canons.

Do you see this 1624 date, on the façade? It celebrates the restoration of the church and the construction of the bell-tower (a gift from prince of Condé).

In 1630, this one translated Saint-Vincent-de-Prahas parish (located not far from here) in Culan, and Our-Lady became… Saint-Vincent parish church!

In the castle’s garden, we can see the back of the church, and especially the Romanesque portal (12th century): a vestige of the former castle’s chapel.

Today, this portal is still standing: it's the current sacristy of Saint-Vincent!

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