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A little history of Sainte-Suzanne castle

General view | Jp.morteveille / CC-BY-SA
Castle Sainte-Suzanne castle

Sainte-Suzanne, which belongs to the county Council of Mayenne, is a nice castle surrounds by big fortification walls!

In the 10th century, Sainte-Suzanne fell to Raoul de Beaumont, by marriage.

His descendants raised a square keep 100 years later. Then the castle was besieged by Guillaume the Conqueror, duke of Normandy and king of England.

In 1083, Hubert II de Beaumont fought bravely. The siege lasted 4 years...

Then the fortress was besieged, one more time, by the English, during the Hundred Years War, in 1359. In 1425, count of Salisbury ordered captain Amboise de Loré to surrender.

Finally, English troops were expelled in 1439... When peace came back, the fief fell to the D'Alençon family, in the 15th century.

Françoise d'Alençon, future grand-mother of king Henri IV, gave his grandson the castle, who gave it to his wife, queen Margot, in 1594.

This one gave it to Guillaume Fouquet de La Varenne, Angers governor, in 1604, Henri IV's friend.

The new lord raised the main building in 1608. The new castle fell to the French Crown in 1711, to the future Louis XVIII, count of Provence, until the French Revolution!

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