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A little history of Sanxay archaeological site

The thermae, tepidarium | Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA
Gallo-Roman Sanxay archaeological site

Sanxay is a big Gallo-Roman site discovered by father Camille de La Croix in 1881. People used to go here for balneotherapy and theatre. A holiday resort where people came to cure themselves, where they had fun! Come on, let’s go.

First, a temple: we found in the middle of the temple a statue of a goddess: Water or Fecundity goddess?

People used to enter in the temple by 4 gates.

What about thermae? Raised in the 2th century, they had several rooms with ponds. The water was brought by aqueducts, which arrested 7 different springs!

We can see 8 well-preserved hypocausts, a kind of heating system, used to heat ponds and rooms: cold water pond (frigidarium), warm water (tepidarium), hot water (caldarium).

Finally, the theatre, which could welcome 8 000 spectators! But... how could they house all those people?

To the south of the temple, we found hotels!

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