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A little history of Septmonts keep

The keep and the dwelling house | Marc ROUSSEL / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Septmonts keep

Septmonts was bishops of Soissons' residence. Anyway, the silhouette of the keep is pretty unusual!

In the 12th century, we found here a country house extended by Jacques de Bazoches, bishop in the 13th century.

During the Hundred Years War, Simon de Bucy reinforced the building. Building site lasted 30 years: they raised several buildings linked by curtains, surrounded by big moats.

They also transformed Saint-Louis' tower... the keep! Let's talk about that keep... We have here a 7 floors tower, 43 metres high.

Bishops used to live here: we have vast bedrooms and studies with windows, elegant vaults, sculpted chimneys.

In the 16th century, they raised a dwelling house, with new residential building added one century later. And then... Bishops abandoned Septmonts.

During the Revolution, it was sold. In the end of the 19th century, the estate was restored and opened to the public.

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