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A little history of Solignac abbey

The chevet | MOSSOT / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Benedictine Solignac abbey

This old Benedictine abbey was founded by saint Eloi in 631; king Dagobert gave him plot of lands.

The monastery became prosperous and the monks fortified it. But when the Saracens came, they managed to destroy the abbey in 793...

Louis the Debonaire immediately rebuilt Solignac, which became a "very strong stronghold".

The cathedral of Limoges gave them their relics of saint Martial, because Limoges was besieged by Normans in 848. But Solignac was besieged too! The Normans came and plundered it, destroying all the buildings... except the church!

At the end of the 12th century, a new church was raised, consecrated in the beginning of the 13th century. Well!

The English came too and burnt the church in 1390: fortunately, only the choir was demolished! In the 15th century, the abbot added beautiful stained-glass windows and carved stalls.

You know what? Our church had a guardian angel! Because during wars of Religion, only the church, one more time, escaped from Protestants damages! The abbey was sold during the French Revolution and became a porcelain factory until 1930.

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