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A little history of Tarascon castle

The castle | Leon petrosyan / CC-BY-SA
Castle Tarascon castle

Charles I d'Anjou, king saint Louis' brother, lived in the 13th century in the old Tarascon castle, surrounded by a wall flanked by crenelated towers. Charles II, his son, extended the place in 1290. The fortress was besieged: by constable Du Guesclin in 1368, then by Raymond de Beaufort in 1399. Then came more peaceful time... and began the reconstruction of the castle, in October 1400! Architect André de Sainte-Marie designed plans. King René came, then: at that time, counts of Provence often came here in Tarascon. Especially René, who organized a famous and memorable tournament! He also created the "Tarasque games". Tarasque? Yes! A famous monster, here, in Provence, which used to haunt Tarascon area and frightened people... In the 15th century, those games were very popular: people took around the monster effigy in the streets... But then, the castle was again in turmoil: during the Fronde rebellion in the 17th century, marquis d'Effiat, Henri de Cinq-Mars and François-Auguste Thou were arrested by cardinal Mazarin for conspiracy...

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