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A little history of the Comédie-Française

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Auditorium Comédie-Française

This theatre was raised between 1786 and 1790 by Victor Louis.

The Comédie was founded in 1680 by the king: it’s the oldest theatre in France!

Originally, it was called hôtel des Comédiens du Roi, entretenus par sa majesté ("King's comedians' house, keep by his Majesty"), composed of hôtel de Bourgogne and hôtel de Guénegaud’s companies.

The Comédie Française was born! One year after the creation, we had 21 actors.

They had to found another theatre, but meanwhile, they performed in the hôtel Guénegaud, then in the Fossés-Saint-Germain theatre, where they stayed until 1770.

In 1799, the brand new theatre was raised near the Palais-Royal: everybody moved here.

But in 1830, people preferred Odéon or Porte-Saint-Martin theatre: the Comedy went into debt!

A fire damaged it in 1900 and even an actress, Jane Henriot, died. The Comédie was re-raised and restored in 1974.

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