A little history of the promenade des Anglais

The walkThe walk | ©Waithamai / CC-BY-SA

Almost 7 kilometres and about 30 centimetres large: this is the most beautiful one, the promenade des Anglais ("The English's walkway")!

It follows the Mediterranean see from the Paillon’s mouth to the Magnan one.

But, why promenade des Anglais? Because an important English community used to live here a big part of the year: and they laid out the promenade, in the beginning of the 19th century!

Oh, they lived in Nice since the middle of the 18th century: the blue, blue sea, the gentle pleasures of life completely seduced them...

New districts were created, as the Croix-de-Marbre district ("Marble Cross"), which became Newborough district and where the English lived.

At the end of the 18th century, they even had their own cemetery there, near the sea. Crowned heads came in Nice: duke of York and duke of Gloucester in the 18th century, queen Victoria and king Edward VII in the 19th century...

In the 19th century, the English came more and more numerous, under the hot sun from Provence.

And in 1830, they laid out this long alley, which would later become the current promenade. Originally, it was a simple lawn, that they levelled off and covered with asphalt.