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A little history of the Reine Blanche castle

The castle | Siren-Com / CC-BY-SA
Town house Reine Blanche castle

The castle (Reine Blanche means "White Queen") was probably raised in 1520. At that time, it replaced a very old building, where lived Blanche of Provence, king of Castile son's wife.

Historians said it was the place where the bal des Ardents took place. This castle was demolished in 1404: we think it was rebuilt later by Gobelin and Cavoye families.

This house was one of the disparate buildings raised from the 16th to the 20th century between river Bievre, rue des Gobelins and rue Gustave Geffroy, opened in 1906.

Margaret of Provence, king of France saint Louis' widow, lived here at the end of her life...

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