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A little history of the Tourelles manor

The manor | Beckerheinz / CC-BY-SA
Castle Rumilly Tourelles manor

In the beginning of the 12th century, count of Champagne Hugues gave Rumilly's land to Molesmes abbey. It was Pierre Pyon, Saint-Sepulchre's knight, who raised the current manor in 1530.

Pyon? A rich butcher from Troyes, who wanted to have his own estate here. Did you know he was represented on a stained-glass windows, in the cathedral of Troyes?

When he died, Molesmes abbey owned back the manor in order to house abbots: they kept it until the Revolution...

At that time, the manor was sold and bought by Labille family then sold by the city hall in the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays we can visit exteriors... Aah, nice...

Inside, a stair with Jerusalem crosses, fleurs de lis, dolphins. Look, here! 3 children decorate capitals: one with a lion, one with a skull, the other one with a dolphin tail.

And, here, a nice chimney, on the ground floor, with medallions on the mantel: king of France François I with one of his mistress and a man holding a laurel crown...

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