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A little history of Toque keep

The tower | Plovemax / CC-BY-SA
Fortification Toque keep

Important city in the Middle Ages, Huriel counted among its first well-known lords the Humabaud, in 1167. They were Bourbons lords' vassals.

They put up this high keep, vestige of the strong fortress built at the end of 11th century.

Property of the Déols family in 13th century, fief of family de Brosse de Boussac who kept it two century and a half (from 1256 to 1512), the rectangular keep, restored at the beginning of 20th century, looks like 10th and 11th centuries square buildings of Beaugency or Loudun.

33 meters high, build in Jarge's granite (quarry located near Huriel), it is composed of a vaulted cellar, four storeys and a terrace.

Did you know the funny name of toque ("cap") comes from its former roof, destroyed in 1912?

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