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A little history of Touffou castle

The castle | Remi Jouan / CC-BY-SA
Castle Touffou castle

Guy I de Montléon purchased this simple keep raised in the 12th century after his father's death in 1268. The Hundred Years War devastated the region, especially in Poitiers, a few steps away: Edward, prince of Wales and king of France Jean II the Good confronted one another.

In 1567, one of the Montléon daughters married Jean de Chasteigner, lord of Flins and de la Roche-Posay.

This man undertook huge building works in Touffou: construction of a Renaissance main building and two towers, rebuilding of the rectangular keep in order to house dwellings...

In the 17th century, curtains and surrounding walls which linked the two buildings were demolished.

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