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A little history of Toulouse Pont-Neuf

The bridge | PierreSelim / CC-BY-SA
Bridge Toulouse Pont-Neuf

Toulouse, the Pink city, quietly sitting near the river Garonne's banks... err, quietly, not exactly! The river threw many tantrums. The Pont Neuf knows well about that!

First, you must know that Toulouse was divided into 2 districts: on the right bank, the city. On the left, St-Cyprien suburb, completely destroyed by 1875 floods.

In the Middle-Ages, 4 wooden bridges went across the Garonne: Comminges, bridge, Old Bridge, New bridge and Bazacle bridge.

One bridge still remains: the New bridge (Pont Neuf in French). The building site began in 1543 with the first pier, continued with the second one the next year, the 3d pier in 1553, the 4th in 1560, the 5th in 1576, the 6th one in 1579.

Everything was completed in 1632. Its 220 metres long and it goes across the river with a rather pinched mood, subject to floods! We have 7 arches made of bricks and stones.

This bridge was raised by Pierre Souffron and Jacques Lemercier, king's famous architect. Did you know that we used to find here an arc of triomphe, at the end of the bridge, on the left bank, built by François Mansart in the reign of Louis XIV?

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