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A little history of Tuileries gardens

The Tuileries | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Garden Tuileries garden

In the past, we found here fields, vineyard and some small houses, near river Seine banks and Louvre palace.

In the 12th century, tileries moved in here, and let their name to the place: Tuileries. King François I liked that place, and gave it to his mother, Louise of Savoie. But she never came here...

Catherine of Medici raised, from 1564, a first palace with beautiful orchards. Surrounded by high walls, the former garden was the masterpiece of Pierre Le Nôtre, Bernard Palissy, and Italian Carnessequi and Tarquin.

In the beginning of the reign of Louis XIV, the place completely changed.

Architect Le Vau extended the palace and André Le Nôtre the garden: he laid out fountains, huge alleys, and so on... the current garden! The Orangerie was built in 1853 and the Jeu de Paume in 1861.

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