A little history of Valentré bridge

The bridgeThe bridge | ©Pline / CC-BY-SA

The huge Valentré bridge (183 metres long, 40 metres high towers) is the pride of the city!

One bishop of Cahors, Barthélémy de Ruffy, in the 13th century, decided to create a bridge in the place called "Valentré harbour".

But the plan was carried out by consuls of Cahors, who began the construction in 1306.

The first consul de Sabannac laid down the first stone in 1308.

But they get financial problems and the building site was stopped in 1313: then king gave money to them.

The bridge was finally completed in 1355!

During the Hundred Years War, Cahors needed to reinforce the city, in order to resist against English troops... and they needed to reinforce the bridge, too!

So towers were added, with machicolations and crenels: in short, a fine defence plan, controlling river Lot and the valley.

But the bridge burnt in a fire launched in the Cordeliers cloister by Protestants, when Henri IV besieged the city in 1580.

The name of the architect used to be carved in the stone... Nowadays, we ignore who built the bridge!