A little history of Veauce castle

The castleThe castle | ©Patrocle / CC-BY-SA

An impressive stronghold

The primitive fortress dates back to the 9th century, probably raised by the lord of Veauce, Arnaud.

Then we had Agnès, lady of Bourbon, John of Burgundy’s wife. In the 13th century, the castle was extended and altered.

4 round towers were added on corners and curtains were added between high crenelated walls.

Veauce seigneury was raised to a barony in 1400 for duke of Bourbon Louis II: from that time, owners raised a brand new main building on the western curtain.

Then in the middle of the 16th century, the fief fell to the French Crown.

The austere fortress was transformed one century later into a nice estate, with the construction of a new main building flanked by turrets and pepper-box roofs.

A vast terrace and a big park were laid out... Woah, lots of expenses! All these building sites ruined the owner, the Blin Le Loup family.

Haunted, did you say?

Those one were forced to sell Veauce in 1700... which was bought by de Cadier family, who kept it until the end of the 20th century. C

Charles-Eugène de Cadier really designed the current Veauce, between 1841 and 1846.

The estate fell to a curious chap, in 1970... His name? Ephraim Tagori de la Tour, a former engineer born in Jerusalem, born wanderer and explorer who popularized the castle through mass medias... with the legend of Lucie, in the 80’s!

He said every night, Lucie’s ghost appeared at midnight...

When Ephraim died in 1998, Veauce went to ruin. The new owners, since 2002, tried to restore it...