A little history of Villandraut castle

The castleThe castle | ©Pline / CC-BY-SA

Native land of Bertrand de Got, future pope Clement V... the former Villandraut castle dates back to 1305.

The Dufort family who purchased it in 1336, supported English camp during Hundred Years War. Sure enough they were banished... but finally get their estate back.

Alternately occupied by Protestants and by Catholics, members of Parliament of Bordeaux ordered the castle's demolition in 1592. They only destroyed south-east tower. Owners succeeded one another, Lalanne family, de La Faurie, Pons.

Plundered during the French Revolution, deprived of its roofing and its wooden panelling, Villandraut was listed as Historical monument in 1896. Its ruins were restored from 1930.