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A little history of Villemolin castle

The castle | Julien Revillon / CC-BY-SA
Castle Villemolin castle

This castle, after belonging to the La Concelle family in the 15th century, fell by marriage to the Champignole then to the Bascoing. And in 1528, Villemolin fell to the Etienne de Certaines.

The Certaines started to embellish their estate: in the 16th century, they raised the eastern main building; in the middle of the 17th century, they added round towers on eastern wing's corners.

The construction of the southern wing, which gave the castle a U-shape, began one century later. The small Neogothic chapel dates back to 1830.

Then Villemolin was seized during the Revolution, but wasn't plundered! The Certaines raised the south-east tower in 1875.

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