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A little history of Vins-sur-Caramy castle

The castle | Fr.Latreille / CC-BY-SA
Castle Vins-sur-Caramy castle

Raised in 1503 by Honoré de Garde near river Caramy, the castle was raised within 40 years. This quadrilateral flanked by round towers, pierced by mullioned windows, seems the perfect embodiment of the medieval fortress!

And yet, in the courtyard, we have an amazing main building and its gallery with arcade crowned by a loggia. A loggia! An architectural element brought back in France in the 16th century with Italian wars!

Raised to a marquisate in 1641, Vins was transformed in the 18th century: the Enlightenment brought... light: they added vast windows on the northern façade! Then Vins was abandoned, when it was sold during the Revolution.

His new owner bought it in 1959: he was fond of his castle! So Vins found its greatness of yesteryear. Listed as a Historical monument in 1965, the castle nowadays houses cultural exhibitions.

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