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A little history of Vogue townhouse in Dijon

The townhouse | Christophe.Finot / CC-BY-SA
Town house Vogue townhouse in Dijon

This nice hotel de Voguë was raised in 1614 by Etienne Bouhier, councillor in Burgundy's parliament between 1607 and 1635.

A construction's date they found on one of the chimneys, flanked by Bouhier's blazon "azur with a golden bull". A chimney which was located in the vast apartments altered in the 18th century in order to create a library.

The legend says Bouhier himself drew the house's plan, with its beautiful glazed roof and its main Renaissance/classic style building. This house owned its name from Voguë family, who owned it in 1766, by marriage!

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