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A little history of Wailly castle

The castle | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Castle Wailly castle

There is a strange neoclassic semicircle, just before the castle. It seems to be incomplete. Indeed! Was it a stable or a detached house?... we don't know. Halluin family raised the castle in 1630, on the foundation of a 14th century fortress, fief of Wailly lords. The building had two wings linked by a main building. The semicircle dates back to 1780. Joseph-Anne-Auguste-Maximilien de Croy began the building site with architect from Picardy Sénéchal.

Unfortunately, the Revolution came and stopped the site, so that's why our semicircle wasn't finished! The family emigrated, so the castle was sold, plundered and abandoned. It was owned by baron de l'Epine in 1919, who saved it from ruin.

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