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A little history of Yvoire castle

The castle | Arnaud 25 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Yvoire castle

Overlooking lake Léman, Yvoire castle dates back to 1308, when Amédée V of Savoie raised a keep and a wall all around Yvoire's city: a real stronghold, a strategical place during all the Middle-Ages!

Indeed, each lords wanted to control navigation on lake Léman, so Yvoire ended up in the middle of a war between Berne and Geneva (Swiss cities).

Successively besieged, burnt, plundered in 1589 and 1592, the battle ended when Geneva proclaimed the destruction of Yvoire's surrounding wall in 1603.

At that time, in the 16th century, Saint-Jeoire family owned the castle. In 1655, Yvoire fortress was owned by Bouvier family, who laid out sumptuous medieval gardens dedicated to 5th senses.

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