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A night of 1623. Yves Nicolazic had a vision...

The discovery of the statue, Carmes chapel, Rennes | GO69 / CC-BY-SA
Basilica Pilgrimage Miracle Sainte-Anne d'Auray basilica

Once upon a time, in the peaceful city of Keranna... One fine day of 1623, Yves Nicolazic, a humble peasant, saw a beautiful lady haloed by light.

Yves wasn't afraid! He even recognized Anne, Virgin Mary's mother! The saint ordered him to raise a church, just where they stood.

When Yves told his story, nobody believed him! Until they found a statue of the Virgin near Yves' house, where Anne had talked to him... A miracle!

Immediately, pilgrims came. And Yves was allowed to put up a little church. In 1645, building works were finished, and the statue was put inside...

Auray's miracles and pilgrimage's fame spread all other the country... Blind men, paralytics, epileptics came here and they were cured!

Those miracles ended in 1792, when the French Revolution came: the Virgin statue was burnt in Vannes...

In September 1866, they laid down the first stone of the current basilica, on the former church foundations, based on plans drawn by architect Edouard Deperthes, the man who built Paris city hall.

Nowadays, 800 000 pilgrims come here, in Brittany, each year, in order to assist to France biggest religious festival...

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