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A slap in the face for a castle: how did they manage to let things go so far ?

Panoramic view | Menerlach / Public domain
Castle Quintin castle

But… what happened to king Louis XIV, when he brutally stopped the building site of Quintin castle? We were in 1667, only one detached house was built… Quintin is the story of an unfinished castle! Amaury de Goyon, marquis de La Moussaye, owned the land of Quintin to his brother-in-law, in 1638.

Whoa, everything was in ruins… and we’ve got a problem: the La Moussaye were protestants since a very long time! But owing to bishop of Saint-Brieux who hated Huguenots, Quintin’s owners could not raise what they want.

The Catholic church was afraid they transformed their castle into a protestant head-quarter in Brittany... But the La Moussaye infringed the law (naughty one) when they launched the construction of the current castle, in 1645.

Punishment? The stop of the building site. Well, the tradition also says it was because of the marquis’ wife’s foul nature, Henriette de la Tour d’Auvergne: bishop of Saint-Brieuc came to discuss with her, but they quarrelled and the lady slapped his face!

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