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A tragic death, a solemn vow...

The entrance | Moonik / CC-BY-SA
Museum Camondo museum

In 1870, Nissim de Camondo owned the town house located 63 rue Monceau. 40 years later, his son Moïse, a rich banker, inherited it. Moïse, who loved 18th century art, made his dream come true: he raised a brand new house in the 18th century style, in order to put his collection of works of art. At the end of the year 1910, the familial town house was demolished (only the outhouses were kept). Architect René Sergent was inspired by the petit Trianon in Versailles. The garden was laid out by Duchêne, with a formal garden near the house and a landscape one near park Monceau. They put a high hedge all around the estate in order to preserve the family's intimacy from walkers in the park... Moïse kept an eye on the inner decoration and the general building works until his death, in 1935.

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