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After the American dream, the tragic destiny of the count d'Estaing

Estaing | Austrian National Library (ÖNB) / Public domain
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Who was Charles-Henri-Hector, count d'Estaing? He enlisted the Army when he was a teen, appointed infantry lieutenant. But he liked the Navy above all! He enlisted, served in India in 1757 (where the English took him prisoner twice), then he was appointed general lieutenant for the naval army in 1763, then vice-admiral in 1778.

And they sent him with La Fayette to fight in America: hey, it was the Independence War! D'Estaing excelled and even succeeded in taking Grenada and Saint-Vincent islands!

He came back in France, where he was appointed commander of Versailles national guard, then admiral. But we were in 1792... the French Revolution turned up! D’Estaing was a nobleman... he was arrested 4 years later, then decapitated in Paris.

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