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Agnès Sorel passed away in Mesnil-sous-Jumièges manor

The manor | Urban / CC-BY-SA
Castle Agnès Sorel Agnès Sorel's manor

Did you know here, famous Agnes Sorel (king of France Charles VII’s mistress) died?

Agnès left her lovely castle in Loches (Central France) to go in Normandy, in Jumièges.

On her way, she fell ill, says the tradition. And few hours later, she complained about stomach pains… and passed away.

In fact, Agnès gave birth to a 4th kid in the manor. But she died just after the delivery, in February 1449.

Agnès had made her will: she gave all her fortune to churches, especially to the neighbouring Jumièges abbey… she also wanted her heart to be buried in this famous monastery.

The king brought her heart in the Norman abbey. Her body was translated in Loches, in the collegiate church.

But her lovely grave was destroyed during the French Revolution: the black marble flagstone was even used by a butcher from Rouen as a table, says the French doctor Philippe Charlier in his book Médecin des morts, récits de paléopathologie!

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