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An important first for surgery in Saint-Séverin charnel house

The charnel house | Mbzt / CC-BY-SA
Burial place Parish church Saint-Séverin church in Paris

An oratory was raised on the tomb of a hermit called Séverin, died in 555. Normans destroyed it and a new church was raised in 1050.

But it was between 1452 and 1470 that the current church was built by priest Guillaume d'Estouteville.

Oh, come here! We found near the church a cemetery, nowadays it's a garden. In 1474, the first "kidney stone operation" took place here!

Surgeons from Paris told to king Louis XI that several people suffered from "stones".

They brought a bowman, sentenced to hanging, who suffered from the same illness: they operated him on, the man was cured... and the king reprieved him!

King Charles VII also often came under the porch, where he hold "a public hearing, listening to everyone, especially the poor."

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